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Changing the Game. Again

Hi, I'm Alana, welcome!

I started MomsTO in my living room!  I just had my first kid, I was lonely, depressed and out of sorts with my life.  I didn’t have anyone to talk to about being a mom.  

I went on facebook and invited a bunch of Moms over to my house to drink some wine and eat some snacks.  19 Women showed up and partied all afternoon, sharing their trials and tribulations of motherhood.  When one mom asked “what’s the catch?”. I replied – there isn’t one, I want moms to come together and find happiness and strength from one another – I knew we had something.  And from there, MomsTO was born.

So Much Love

We built this for moms and it was built by moms! Everything we do, we with love, because we care about every one of you. To the point where you are always part of the inner circle, no matter how big the movement.


Thank you all for joining us on this journey.  There is no motherhood like sisterhood!


Alana and all the hard-working mama's in the MomsTO team are simply awesome. Their energy, drive and supportive nature is truly remarkable. What is at the core of MomsTO fully aligns with what us #MomjoMamas strive to achieve every day - that is to put MOM first by ensuring she is inspired, supported, entertained and fulfilled. We look forward to being a part of MomsTO's bright future!"

The Rebel Mamas

We’re so impressed with the community that MomsTO has built for new moms in the city and we’re so grateful for Alana and co’s support of The Rebel Mama since the start. Rebel on!"

Monica, Pingo Apparel

"It has been a pleasure working with MomsTo. The people behind this amazing group have always been so attentive, accommodating, and so genuinely supportive. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to collaborate with them, and I definitely hope to do so again in the future. In terms of sales, they have been ok overall, I do feel like moms go to this events with a "socializing" mindset rather than to shop. That being said, it is definitely a great way to increase brand awareness within the Toronto community.  -

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