Hi, I’m Mélanie, and I am the Founder of Money Mama. Most importantly, I am a lucky mama of two: Adrian and Julianne!
As someone who had to work my way up in life and experienced awakening events in my life which left my account & energy bank empty – I now feel compelled to share what has been helping me through my toughest times and can give you financial peace-of-mind. It is crucial for all of us to take full responsibility of our own financial destiny as it is a big part of our success!
I’m excited to guide you and your kids to find your Financial Path. Let’s get you from Paycheque to Funcheque!
~Life always has a way to work out, when we lead in faith and act with great intentions for the best of all. Be grateful of your beginning and embrace every life experiences as they are leading you where you need to be ~
One of my favorite quotes is: I never lose, I either win or learn. Nelson Mandela
I look forward to having a conversation with you! ❤
Your Money Mama XO