Azura Goodman


Azura Goodman is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse working in the GTA and beyond.

Azura has had 7 years of experience and thousands of hours working with feeding families day in and day out at public lactation clinics, feeding support groups, hospitals throughout the GTA, virtually and in client’s homes, and she’s loved every second of it. Azura is passionate about maternal mental health and always ensures that a feeding plan is supportive not only of the infant’s nutrition but also of the parent’s mental health.

Azura’s focus as a lactation consultant is to ensure ALL families, regardless of how they feed their baby, are given the support and skills they need to enjoy the feeding relationship with their child. Her number one job is to arm you with evidence-based knowledge and support you in trusting your innate instincts when developing your personal feeding goals. The way in which Azura practices, in a nutshell, is: non-judgmental, holistic, client-focused, and empowering.

Azura is there for the mom who wants to tweak her latch, amp up her supply, or night wean, but she is also there for the mom with severe depression who wants to alter her feeding method or delegate feeds, for the dads who just had an infant through surrogacy or the single mom who wants to exclusively pump. Every family has unique needs and priorities and Azura is here for all of them.