MomsTO Q & A

What is momsTO?

MomsTO is redefining maternity leave. We are a group of open minded, fun loving moms who are making our mark by ensuring no mom is left behind in the trials and tribulations of motherhood. There is truly no sisterhood like motherhood and we are in it together.

What is the goal of momsTO?

MomsTO aims to create a millennial mom movement. We are changing the face of maternity leave in Toronto forever. Our goal is simple- We make moms feel like they had a good day by doing something good for themselves and their babies.

Do I qualify as a momsTO participant?

Do you live in the GTA? Are you a first(2nd, 3rd, 4th)` time mom on maternity leave? Are you a stay at home mom? Are you just hungry?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you are a momsTO participant!

We want you to play with us- if you consider yourself a chilled out mama that would like to hang out with like minded, day drinking, non judgemental, safe space loving, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, fun loving, life living ladies then this is the group for you.

What are the details of momsTO meet ups?

We are radically changing the way women spend their time by offering high impact and high contact social and educational experiences allowing a safe space to connect, celebrate motherhood and to feel a sense of community during a transition in one’s life. Having a new baby is a roller coaster of highs and lows.

MomsTO is on a mission to help shed light and bring happiness to deserving moms by creating meaningful and relevant content in the form of fun in – a place and time to unwind and relax.

What  can I expect when I attend a momsTO meet-up?

When you attend a momsTO meet up, you can expect to have a fun filled experience that usually involves:

  • A room full of amazing women with babies in toe.
  • A multi-coursed meal highlighting the best of the venues menu.
  • Wine, beer, booze or bubbly. Offered, but never pushed.
  • A causal, friendly and welcoming environment that can be a little chaotic but a lot of fun.
  • A professional photographer snapping stunning pics of you and your bae.
  • A raffle or swag bag of some nature.
  • Some events feature a guest speaker or expert.
  • All moms must drink responsibly

What does my registration fee include?

When you register for a momsTO event, your ticket is all inclusive- No waiting for a cheque, no need to figure out taxes or split bills. We take care of: advertised special guests, food, *drink, tax and tip. Your job is to show up, eat, drink and be mommy. *Drinks include featured wine prearranged by momsTO. Drinking is not the goal of momsTO but is a signature of our meet ups and events

Can my older children attend momsTO meet ups?

We welcome all mommies to attend our events. We cater to moms with babies under 18 months of age, but if you need to bring a bigger little one along, you can do so.

Please let us know ahead of time.

What does momsTO Support?

MomsTO is excited to announce our partnership with The New Mom Project! We regularly collect the following items which we donate towards this worthy cause:

Baby soap
Receiving blankets
Infant toys
Infant books
Bouncy chairs

Feel free to bring them along to any of our upcoming meet-ups! 

 How do I get involved with momsTO?

Here are a few ways you can get involved with momsTO:

What  about FASD?
FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is terrible and real disease that affects babies worldwide. We encourage any mom who is drinking excessively while pregnant to seek support either with someone they are comfortable with or a professional.  To find out more about FASD, please visit these sites:
What about Alcoholism?
Alcoholism is a terrible disease which affects many people in the world.  If you or someone you know is an alcoholic help should be sought with a trusted friend or trained professional.

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