The Future.

At every level of the organization, the MomsTO offers ways to be involved as a leader – whether it’s as a member of the national or provincial boards, regional or local councils or advisory groups and committees. Leadership volunteers offer strategic and tactical guidance and share their professional skills and networks to advance the mission of the organization. Responsibilities may also include assisting with engaging volunteers, securing sponsorships, developing partnerships and advancing relations with business and government entities, as well as representing MomsTO at community events.

Here in Ontario, there are lots of ways you can share your professional skills and passion for the mission. We offer local, regional and provincial roles at a leadership level.

Let us partner with you to find the best way you can have the most impact against post-pardum depression while having fun, making friends and toasting a glass.

Introducing the momsTO leadership team:
Natalie P
Bailey H. R
Angelina S
Danielle I
Hayley B
Lena S
Lucy T
Talia K

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