DILF Gift Bags

Get your Hub the gift he deserves and the one he’ll brag about.

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We know its not easy to get out right now or assemble something meaningful for your special baby daddy, so we put this together; you do not have even think about it!

We have created a DILF fathers day Gift Bag that will be available for purchase, full of goodies for the father figure in your life. And its really good!

There will be limited quantities COVID delivered to your door step, anywhere in the GTA ($100) +HST With each purchase, a donation made to The New Mom Project.

He’s not a regular dad. Just like you are most certainly not a regular mom. He’s kind, smart, sexy, and makes you laugh so hard you leak (own it mama, you earned it).

The man is a straight-up DILF! And he deserves more than the same tired-ass socks and tie combo of Father’s Days past.

This year get him something that says, “I respect and honour your swag, and I am here for it.” 

Get him a DILF Gift Pack. Our gift packs are a specially curated collection of items designed to delight and excite the sexy man in your life. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

I know my hub approved this gift set, and we took care of everything, even down to the cool ( blank) card 🙂

If you man has truly showed his DILFYness this 2020 season, then gift him this special gift bag.

Xo Alana

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