Our Founder

Alana is an events and marketing management professional with many years experience planning complex events for corporate and not for profit organizations.

After having her first child, Alana looked for ways to connect with other moms. As a woman who “never ever stops being busy”, Alana was always seeking out new ways to socialize and learn more about being a mom and a human.

As more moms began to gather more and more often, Alana began hosting events first in her house, and then around Toronto in various restaurants and cafes. Eventually, Alana started running mommy day time socials and get-aways to Prince Edward County Wine country.

We are reinventing how maternity leave works and how it feels. Each generation sets the stage for the generation to come; we are going to leave our mark by ensuring no mom is left behind in the trials and tribulations of motherhood. We are in this together because there is truly no sisterhood like motherhood.

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