Election 2020


I have to admit something to you…

Until recently, I did not care that much about politics.

I was apathetic.

I was aware of the role it played in our world, but not fully grasping how policy and law are created by those decision-makers in power. 

Like the fact that actual people MAKE the rules….

Between parenthood and Covid, I can no longer be disengaged in the political process. 

When my son entered public school for the first time, I had a revelation. Political engagement is a major factor in our life, we cannot sit on the sidelines. 

I knew I had to do something, and somehow felt it was time to use the platform in a meaningful manner. 

How could we make waves, in a small but relevant manner?

When Anniemie Paul was running for the Green party leadership race, I saw a light I have not seen before. This was our chance to help bolster a PERSON I could care about, and policies I could get behind. 

Election day in the United States is here. As I am writing this, the polls are open, and the votes are coming in.

But the hoarding boards are up- the USA is ready for riots, and we will see if they hit, regardless of the outcome. 

At this point, I am unsure of who will win the elections in the United States, and that fact alone is scary. 

We need this election to favour reason, values, and literally, our life. 

When I look in our own backyard, you can see the direct effect that political leaders have in shaping our lives. 

We must start voting as if our lives depend on it… because, now it truly does. 

In the name of democracy, let’s wait and see how the ballots unfold. 

As we continue to sail across the seas of uncertainty, we are in this together. 

Regardless of the outcome, we are going to grab this shit by the balls (or tits, a better-suited reference) and make the most of it. Because that is what moms do- we make lemonade.

Stay safe, and let’s see what the count will bring today. 



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