Baby Henry

Henry has just turned 5 weeks old. I do not know where the time has gone. Although he is still so tiny ( tipping a whopping 8.4 oz as of today), we are entering the next phase of newborn-ness. 

Henry is less sleepy, more alert, startles easily to sounds, smiling, bright eyed and starting to make delicious little noises. 

Today was also my last appointment with my midwife. Its so bitter sweet. Every time I have had a child, I want to cry my eyes out at the discharge appointment. Holding back tears, I said goodbye to my midwife, and realized I am somehow now really “alone” in my infant management. I know its silly because I have so much support, but its like the midwife team was with me from day one ( of peeing on a stick) until now, and I am “free” and have made it to this milestone. 

Henry will see his doctor (Dr. Dina) at his 8 week appointment, get weighted and measured, and his firt round of vaccines. Having had done this now a few times, and knowing what to expect makes things a little easier. 

I am still teary that my midwife journey has come to an end. They are more than labour and delivery- they are truly supportive and caring and make everything feel so much better. 

As I enter the next stage of the early days haze, I am also starting to get back to work. Good thing I love this community so much, it does not really feel like work, but more a return to what I love most; creating epic experiences for cool ass moms. 

So stay locked to our Instragram and newsletter- Starting next week we will have some announcements about something REALLY BIG coming your way this fall. 

As we enter the middle of August, I hope you can savour every last moment of summer. 

Enjoy the sun, the outdoors, your kids and your loved ones as much as possible. 

I am going to snuggle Henry for a little while, and then crack the laptop for some top secret planning! 

Much love mama! 


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