If it looks like a bitch and acts like a bitch, is she a bitch?

Maybe you knew this girl in middle school, or maybe you were this girl in high school: living in a bubble, with no regard for the world.

The bitch, at one point, in your formative years, made your life a living hell. She was inconsiderate, insensitive and mean.

We, of course, have grown up a lot since then. So maybe its time for the definition to pivot; perhaps it is time to reclaim the word bitch.

The Bitch of yesteryear is no longer. 

Because we all knew her.

or hated her

or hated ourselves for being seen as her.

When men are outspoken, they are called strong. When a woman demands what she wants, she is a bitch.

Well I say, fuck that shit!

So what does a bitch emulate today, as a mom and as a positive reclaimed word?

Maybe its time for the rise of the mom bitch. 

A redefinition:

A bad-ass, diaper changing, potting training, family managing, carpool driving, dinner making, laundry doing, fiercely moral, family centred, fun loving, life living, health conscience, career focussed, high achieving, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Assertive, driven, good-hearted, outspoken, philanthropic, dynamic, kind, caring, passionate, smart, funny, pretty, strong, brave and honest. She knows what she wants and will do what it takes to get there. She is ambitious and important. She is confident, and speaks her motha fucking mind! She is a rad chick that cannot be easily essentialized.  

The mom bitch is special and unique; something to be revered, to strive towards, to emulate.

And as the newly reclaimed term comes into vogue, we are going to be a gang of badass bitchin’ bitches!

Our first call to action: We must treat our fellow bitchy mama sisters with respect. We are our own worst enemies. We can stop the mudslinging now.

It’s okay to know what you want and to go after it.

Go get it, bitch!