Best. Mom. Ever.

You are the Best. Mom. Ever! 

I mean it! You have kept another human alive and thriving. Good for you Mama!. 

We joke a lot over here about the trials and tribulations of parenting. Today we are going to address the magic of motherhood.   The magic of becoming a parent.

When your kid looks at you like no one else matters.. 

The magic of being the life source for that tiny being.. 

The magic of seeing their first step or being the only person that can truly comfort them.. 

The magic of when they say “I love you” for the first time, and they understand what it means. 

The sweet moments when they hug you really hard or stroke your hair, or when they plant a kiss right on your lips. 

And like any other job we have ever had, you do not need to love being a mom all of the time.

Let’s call it the 80/20 split.

For 80 percent of the day, you wish it was bedtime or nap time or that you were somewhere else entirely, living a different life or a different set of circumstances.

And if you are back to work, perhaps you only see your kid for minutes a day, you cherish those moments Monday- Friday, and when the weekend rolls around, you cannot wait to hit the commuter train bright and early Monday morning (TGIM!) 

Its a constant battle of wanting to give them everything, but secretly wanting to just sit in your car or in the bathroom, and be alone. The secret is out- we are with you! 

The Alanis Morrissette irony- spending your 20s riding solo, and perhaps hoping for more to fill your day and then in your 30s and 40s looking for the sweetness of alone time! 

But you still bring your “A” game- wipe the bums and brush the toddler teeth (which I call the battle royale). You still feed them and change them and protect the shit outta them. 

And for that 20 percent that is the magic. These days when they are so young, innocent and amazing. 

The ROI is complete with whole love!

The magic: that endorphin rush that hard to describe- it’s so delicious, you could literally eat your own child up with a spoon. 

And here is the truthbomb. When the going gets tough, we cannot get going. We must “mom up“, stay put and get the job done. Because there is no quitting time for parents- we are on. And the magical moments are so big because the work is so damn tough. 

So- there, you have it. 

As we are breaking through a never-ending winter and seeing the beginning signs of spring (bring it on: SPF 50+ and patios and outside life), we are going to have to celebrate the magic of motherhood.

They call these “the good old days” so let’s try to find the magic in the moments each day, so we can feel like we have actually done it- You are indeed the Best. Mom. Ever! 

So as we roll out our May-hem for Mothers Day, we hope you will invest a little in yourself, you deserve it! 


Alana – momsTO