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Let Mom Drink for F*&#s sake

by MomsTO

My name is Robyn, I want to talk about a taboo issue or what society believes is a BIG issue; Motherhood and Alcohol!

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about it, how we’re drinking more than ever before and how it’s time we start tackling our hidden drinking problem.  

All these recent articles and talk has got me thinking; are women really drinking more than ever before? Do we really have a hidden drinking problem?! Or is it that we’re just more exposed?  We currently live in a social media society with our favs, Insta, Twitter and Facebook. We’re posting constantly; always camera ready to capture that moment when we’ve got “our babe on the hips and wine on the lips” (our fav #MomsTo saying), but what about the women that came before us? Have you asked your mom or grandmothers if they ever dabbled with a cocktail or a glass of vino? ….of course, they did!  You think they were really playing bridge and having Tupperware parties uh huh surrreee….

Women of today aren’t afraid to share thoughts and feelings anymore.  Like when I come home from a long ass day of work, I get dinner ready, take my two children to their activities, do homework, bath kids and then stick to my babies sleep schedule… wait I’m not done! Let’s not forget clean up, dishes, the dog walk, maybe sign up for a yoga class or any other administrative mom stuff I have to do THAT DAY!! Yeah I want a glass of wine after that and I’m not scared to shout it out to anyone who wants to hear that I enjoy a glass of wine.  Does this mean I have a drinking problem???  Absolutely fucking NOT!

What about our husbands and partners?  I’m not bucketing them all together, but many get home, kick off their shoes and have a beer or that scotch like the good ole boys. Why aren’t we writing articles on that??  So again I ask; Why am I; “the Mother” being targeted?  Why is it so taboo for me to come home kick off my heels and have a glass of vino?

Listen, I 100% respect medical opinions and I am in no way suggesting that we as mother’s start consuming copious amounts of alcohol, especially while pregnant, breastfeeding, taking care of our children or at any time, but I am plain fucking tired of being judged for tasting that sweet.. sweet merlot on my lips at the end of the day.  I completely agree there needs to be awareness everywhere regarding alcohol and I’ll even throw cannabis in there, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m not a responsible human being because I’m a woman and a mother.  I know my limits; maybe not when I was 15 but that’s a whole different story for another day.

I just want to end by saying I’m not a medical professional and this is solely my own opinion that I hope this resonates with some of our followers who are like-minded and prefer not to be judged because we asked for that beverage.  Let’s own our shit, be responsible, listen to medical professionals and great studies that are out there but let’s not judge.

Signed, a girl who loves her Merlot and Chardonnay….

Robyn- momsTO LT Team

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