The Parent Tax

We pay a lot of “taxes” as parents.

What does a “parent tax” look like? 

Here are some examples. 

It is the “working really hard at the office so you can go on vacation, and then working three times harder upon your return from taking the time off of work”. 

It is watching your childless friends go on adventures across the globe, and being happy for them, but also a little jealous too. 

Its the long car ride, wrangling kids with entertainment, and treats, to spend time with loved ones. 

Its the routine of the daily grind, the rush to get the kids into bed so you can unwind for a minute before the day is over. 

It is waking up at 4:45 am to workout because there is literally no other time in the day. 

It is the price you pay to live in the city. It ain’t cheap to be in the 416ix or 905 for that matter. If you have chosen to be a “city person” you have most likely sacrificed a few luxuries, for example, square footage. 

Its the ” Nah, I cannot stay for one more drink”. 

This sums up parenting taxes.

Is it the work we put in to try to enjoy our life. 

Its the X percent we pay for the X percent return on the investment of time and energy of being a family person. 

We, as moms, give of ourself time and time again. Maybe its time to stop giving and start living.

As the Easter bunny visits your home or if you burnt all of the bread in your house, its time to talk sacrifice. Let’s ask ourselves: Are we, as parents,  the sacrificial lamb? 

Maybe- but we come by it honestly.

Its a blessing to rise kids in this generation. We know so much more than our ancestors ever did. Our kids our happier for it. 

We come from a long lineage of people that had paid a price to live in this great land and afford us the luxury of being Canadians.

Our mothers and fathers before us, had given up everything for freedom.

And for choice.

As we take part in traditions this weekend, let us all take stock. 

As moms, we sacrifice- big and small each day. Therefore,I wish for you this long weekend holiday:

  • That whatever parenting tax you have paid, will pay its dividend. 
  • Take a moment and pay tribute to those that came before us. They set up a pretty nifty world for us to inherit. 
  • And thank ourselves for the trails and tribulations that have shaped up- because there is nothing like motherhood to give you a swift kick in the ass. 

No go and reap the reward of your labour. 

For me, that means eating a lot of mini eggs and spoiling the shit outta my kids for a few days. I’ll let you know what “tax” we will pay as a result. 🙂 

What does it look like for you?


Alana- momsTO