I cannot believe I am going to say this but…

I need to slow the F down.

Since we last spoke, I have been on 4 airplane rides, have seen three cities and have slept as little as 2 hours in one night and as much as 12 hours another. 

My husband Matt turned the big 50 (yes, there is 14 years between us, but that is for another email) and we surprised him with all of his siblings and buddies flying into the sin city to celebrate the milestone. It was a lot of fun but we are still exhausted. 

I mommed out hard in Vegas (read, drank way too many cocktails, experimented with some cannabis and ate so much food I don’t ever want to see a buffet again).

How do you leave an infant and a toddler for four days? The short answer is: Not easily.

In order to set up everything before we left, I had to employ a total of 5 adults for my two kids. It was a giant and expensive undertaking. We shipped our toddler Elias to my parent’s house, and then my sister ( read: the best aunt on the planet) moved into my house for 4 nights. Essa was in the early stages of sleep training so she along with my Saturday nanny and my retired neighbour from Trinidad took turns ensuring Essa was on her nap and sleep plan.

Are you exhausted yet, cause I am! 

Vegas was a trip! Literally, we came home needing an actual holiday. 

I had been planning this adventure for 5 months, and the truth is, we could have checked ourselves into a motel for a little Staycation, gotten some room services, a message, and it would have been actually perfect. 

But I cannot pick the easy route- I often overdo it when it comes to celebrations ( shocking, right) but my husband is worth the fuss. 

Shit show, right?

Well, I couldn’t stop there… 

When Cat & Nat shared that they were doing a little event in NYC for 50 people with my favourite Canadian mom crush, Eden, I told Matt that I was considering going. He knows me well enough and understood this means that nothing was going to get between me and my ideas. Porter had a good flight and with the luck of it, I grabbed a few tickets to the event, shopped out my insane last minute plan to our momsTO leadership team and Priya said she could swing it! 

Matt, in all of his glory, gave me his blessing, and off us sisters went. 

So with 7 hours in Toronto between Vegas and NYC, I nursed Essa once and saw her for 20 minutes awake before jumping an uber to the airport. 

Once I landed in NYC ( still in a tizzy from Vegas)  Priya and I met up in Soho to host the first ever momsNYC happy hour! We had a great group of cool ass moms ( mostly Canadian Expats) come and toast us! After a few rounds at the local bar, off we went to meet these mommy social media icons. It was a fantastical evening of laughs and books and booze ( #momsTruths). 

When Priya and I walked into the venue, Nat spotted me, came over and said: ” Looked like you had a lot of fun in Vegas, you pumped a lot of milk”. And my response ” Don’t tell me your watch out stories on Instagram, I can’t handle that.” What a stupid thing to say to the Mick Jagger of the mommy ecosystem. 

Again, a total shit show response. (facepalm)

Priya and I cooled our heels for an epic meal at a chic Manhattan restaurant, and Priya worked her magic to get us a table. 

We decompressed and had a brainstorm. 

It was all a dream.

It was a whirlwind.

We partied like rockstars. 

It was fun and I would not change a thing… except the fact that we agreed that we did not bounce back or recover the way we once did. 

I have been home now for almost a week and I am barely resurfacing. It is so good to be in my own home, see my amazing kids and to relish in the ordinary of the daily grind. 

All of this to say, MomsTO gives me the courage and the strength to test the waters, experiment and permission to push myself and my boundaries. Its the community we have created that has inspired me to live my best life now. 

Sometimes it’s a shit show- and sometimes it’s calm water. 

Thanks for joining us for this action-packed thrill ride. 


Alana – momsTO