Are you a party girl?

Do you like to party?

If you are a momsTO mom, you most likely answered yes!

We were all once party girls.

You may recall the evenings when we were young partiers; we would get together with our girl pals. We would spend time using a hair straightener, putting on eyeliner, and trying on either other’s clothing.

The best part of those nights was the “pre-drink” or “pre-game”. The tipsy fun, before calling a taxi or jumping on the TTC; before things got too messy or before things got too loud.

It was a time before Uber and when Instagram was new on the scene.’

You didn’t capture moments for sharing; you just lived in it. Those highly social days seem so far away when in fact they were only a few years ago.

It was those precious moments- the “getting ready together” that I miss the most. The “in-between” sweatpants and heels, when girls would gab on the sofa, pouring drinks and hanging around.

No Netflix; just music and gut spilling. It was when we were all obsessed with the career grind, trying to make our mark on the world. When our conversations circled about promotions or stupid bosses.

It was when we slept with people casually, hoping they would one day be our boyfriends or enjoying the care-free relationship-lessness of life.

hindsight is always 20:20- when I look back now, I realize its the “me time” and the “girl time” I crave.

This now translates into the grey area of my daily life- the time that is not the “home life” and not life “work-life”- it is the what I call the “commute life”.

It is why we spend extra time in the car in the driveway before getting home and or when we take the long route.

You had a life pre-family and you will have one now; that is sorta our mission. MomsTO wants to give you back  “getting ready” moments- they time in between- they 5 extra minutes in your car, the space to breath and know you are not alone in the desire to want to be “you”.

We may not talk to those friends as much as we once did. We most likely did not marry the fuckbuddy. And we for sure as hell are not wearing eyeliner.

As much as I look back on those days with rose coloured lenses, I see my kids and my husband in front of me- The life I coveted. My new crew & pose- my new favorite drinking buddy and my new favourite girl to go out with (even though she is only 3 months old).

We are not mom party girls. You might spot us once in a while, solo on a dance floor, grooving shamelessly or perhaps out with some mom pals, singing along with a 90s cover band, louder than anyone else in the room. Not giving A flying fuck. We are home by 10 pm, but we Mommed. Out. Hard!

As the never-ending snow globe of this week continues to fall on us, let’s all call our oldest pal and say hi. They most likely miss the fuck outta you too.

Or yet, just show up at one of our many upcoming events- you may find a few new girls you can roll with 🙂

We are all in this together- and there is no sisterhood like motherhood.